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MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING <br /> RESIDENTIAL STREET REHABILITATION PROJECT, PHASE I <br /> AREA 3 AND 4 PCC IMPROVEMENTS AND AC REPAIRS <br /> PROJECT#8834 <br /> liOTHIS MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING ("MOU") is effective as of <br /> / , 2019, and is between the City of Rancho Palos Verdes ("RPV") and the City <br /> of Rolling Hills Estates ("RHE"). RPV and RHE are sometimes referred to as a "Party" <br /> and collectively as the "Parties." <br /> RECITALS <br /> A. RPV intends to proceed with its Residential Street Rehabilitation Project <br /> Phase I Area 3 and 4 PCC Improvements and AC Repairs Project#8834 ("RPV Street <br /> Rehabilitation Project"), as more particularly described and depicted in the construction <br /> plans ("Plans") prepared by Sunbeam Consulting ("Sunbeam"), which are part of the bid <br /> package and contract documents for the RPV Street Rehabilitation Project and <br /> incorporated herein by this reference. <br /> B. Certain portions of the work for the RPV Street Rehabilitation Project are to <br /> be performed on Whitley Collins Drive, Quailwood Drive, Stonecrest Road, and <br /> Scottwood Drive, which are located within the City of Rolling Hills Estates ("RHE Project <br /> Portion"). <br /> C. RHE agrees to pay for the RHE Project Portion, including construction, <br /> inspection, and associated community outreach costs using local funding sources. <br /> D. RPV shall serve as the lead agency and shall be responsible for making all <br /> final decisions for the RPV Street Rehabilitation Project. <br /> E. The Parties desire to work cooperatively to benefit both agencies with lower <br /> construction bids and cost efficiencies from using the same consultant design engineer <br /> and construction management firm and coordinating staff. Accordingly, the Parties desire <br /> to incorporate the RHE Project Portion into the overall RPV Street Rehabilitation Project. <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, the Parties in consideration of the mutual promises set forth <br /> in this MOU, agree as follows: <br /> 1. Purpose of Memorandum of Understanding. The purpose of this MOU is <br /> for the Parties to work cooperatively to incorporate the RHE Project Portion into the RPV <br /> Street Rehabilitation Project. RHE will provide funds to RPV for all costs associated with <br /> designing, constructing, coordinating with utilities, inspecting and managing, and <br /> administering bids and payments for the RHE Project Portion. <br /> 01203.0006/560561.5 1 <br /> RPV- RHE MOU <br />