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SECTION 4: PAYMENT. <br /> a. Each candidate shall be required to pay for the cost of printing the <br /> candidate's statement into English, and Spanish, if requested by the candidate, in the <br /> English version of the voter information guide. <br /> b. Each candidate shall not be required to pay for the cost of printing a <br /> separate translated voter information guide, including the candidates' statements, in <br /> Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, or Spanish. <br /> c. Pursuant to Elections Code § 13307, the City Clerk shall estimate the total <br /> cost of printing, handling, translating, and mailing the candidates statements filed, <br /> including costs incurred as a result of complying with the Voting Rights Act, as amended. <br /> The City requires each candidate filing a statement to pay in advance to the City his or <br /> her estimated pro rata share as a condition of having his or her statement included in the <br /> voter information guide. Such estimate is only an approximation of the actual cost that <br /> varies from one election to another election and may be significantly more or less than <br /> the estimate, depending on the actual number of candidates filing statements. <br /> Accordingly, the City Clerk is not bound by the estimate and may, on a pro rata basis, bill <br /> each candidate for additional actual expense or refund any excess paid depending on the <br /> final actual cost. In the event of underpayment, the City Clerk may require each candidate <br /> to pay the balance of the cost incurred. In the event of overpayment, the City Clerk shall <br /> prorate the excess amount among the candidates and refund the excess amount paid <br /> within thirty (30) days of the election. <br /> SECTION 5: MISCELLANEOUS. <br /> a. All translations shall be provided by professionally-certified translators. <br /> b. The statement of each candidate shall be printed in uniform type, style and <br /> spacing. <br /> c. The City Clerk shall comply with all recommendations and standards set <br /> forth by the California Secretary of State regarding occupational designations and other <br /> matters relating to elections. <br /> SECTION 6: ADDITIONAL MATERIALS. No candidate will be permitted to include <br /> additional materials in the voter information guide. <br /> SECTION 7: The City Clerk shall provide each candidate or the candidate's <br /> representative a copy of this resolution at the time nominating petitions are issued. <br /> SECTION 8: All previous resolutions establishing Council policy on payment for <br /> candidates' statements are hereby repealed. <br /> SECTION 9: That the City Clerk shall certify to the passage and adoption of this <br /> resolution and enter it into the book of original resolutions. <br /> Resolution No. 2019-27 <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />