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MON M.0' TAIN- <br /> The Leader in Records&Information Management <br /> CUSTOMER AGREEMENT <br /> Iron Mountain Entity (check one)• <br /> ❑Iron Mountain Records on Mountain Off-Site ❑Iron Mountain Confidential ❑Iron Mountain/National <br /> Management,Inc. Data Protection,Inc. Destruction,LLC Underground Storage,LLC <br /> Address of Iron Mountain Branch/District Office: <br /> FOR IRON MOUNTAIN PURPOSES ONLY <br /> Account Number: Branch/Distri w Cost C ter NoI: <br /> X57 <br /> Contract Effective Date:_ y SIC Code: <br /> Customer: Billing Address(If Different): <br /> VIA1:4-41) <br /> Street Add : Street or Box No.: <br /> 309q0 ru.00� <br /> • State: Zip+4: City: State: Zip+4: <br /> k;"-PJOS ULA-Otb <br /> imary Contact and Title: • ing Contact: <br /> 1/(1. <br /> SYS-- <br /> `-'11Y1°- <br /> C <br /> Telephone: Fax: Telephone: sqq a I o� Fax: <br /> -3(0 3L-f-A 3, <br /> e-ma e-mail: <br /> The Iron Mountain entity checked above,as the contracting entity ("Iron Mountain"), will perform the services described on schedules annexed to <br /> this Agreement either physically or by reference(each a"Schedule"),and Customer will pay Iron Mountain for such services according to the rates <br /> and provisions in the Schedules.All services will be provided subject to the terms and conditions below and on the reverse hereof and in any Schedule. <br /> VALUE OF DEPOSITS. Customer declares,for the purposes of this Agreement,that(a)with respect to hard-copy records,microfilm and <br /> microfiche stored pursuant to this Agreement,the value of such stored items is$1.00 per carton,linear foot of open-shelf files,container or <br /> other hard-copy storage unit,and(b)with respect to round reel tape,audio tape,video tape,film,data cartridges or data cassettes or other <br /> non-paper media stored pursuant to this Agreement,the value of such stored items is limited to the cost of replacing the physical media. <br /> Customer acknowledges that it has declined to declare an excess valuation,for which an excess valuation fee would have been charged. <br /> LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Iron Mountain's liability,if any,for loss or destruction of or damage to materials stored with Iron Mountain <br /> ("Deposits") is limited to the value of each Deposit as described above, or as otherwise set forth on the reverse side hereof. Iron Mountain <br /> reserves the right to provide replacement of media for which liability is limited to replacement cost rather than payment of replacement cost. <br /> Iron Mountain's liability with respect to services not related to storage is the amount paid by Customer for a discrete project or,if less,six <br /> months of fees paid by Customer for such service.Other limitations on Iron Mountain's liability are set forth on the reverse side of this Agreement. <br /> CUSTOMER: IRON MOUNTAIN <br /> Individual Signing: Individual Signing: <br /> [print name] [print name] <br /> (Ak)4. JJ OOiJ c LJittrint D. itt-s t <br /> Signature: Signat <br /> • igillididias A. t i <br /> Title: ' tl <br /> 4-0, 7uwan!6 fr4ZSM-AJA <br /> Signing Date: Signing Date: <br /> I 7,1,1)7_ <br /> WHITE - IRON MO NTAI CO•••RATE CANARY - CUSTOMER PINK - IRON MOUNTAIN DISTRICT <br /> IM-31.01 rev.9/01 ©2001 Iron Mountain Incorporated <br />