Laserfiche WebLink LEASE AGREEMENT <br /> CFS-1020(03/18) CANON FINANCIAL SERVICES,INC.("CFS") <br /> CANON SOLUTIONS AMERICA,INC. Remittance Address: 14904 Collections Center Dr. <br /> CFS'AGREEMENT NUMBER: S0891676.01 Chicago,Illinois 60693 Phone:(800)220-0200 <br /> COMPANY LEGAL NAME DBA PHONE <br /> CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES ("Customer") 310.514.5311 <br /> BILLING ADDRESS CITY COUNTY STATE ZIP <br /> 30940 HAWTHORNE BLVD RANCHO PALOS VERDES LOS ANGELES CA 90275-5391 <br /> EQUIPMENT ADDRESS CITY COUNTY STATE ZIP <br /> Please View Equipment Schedule A <br /> EQUIPMENT INFORMATION NUMBER AND AMOUNT OF PAYMENTS <br /> Quantity Serial Number Make/Model/Description Number of Payments Payment Amount* <br /> 36 $2,005.43 <br /> Term in months: 36 Payment Frequency: ®Monthly 0 Quarterly 0 Other: <br /> Number of Payments in Advance: 0 End of Term Purchase Option: El Fair Market Value 0$1.00 0 Other($or%): <br /> Total Amount Due at Signing*: $0.00 *Plus Applicable Taxes (estimated) <br /> THIS AGREEMENT IS NON-CANCELABLE BY CUSTOMER. CUSTOMER REPRESENTS THAT ALL ACTION REQUIRED TO AUTHORIZE <br /> EXECUTION OF THIS AGREEMENT ON BEHALF OF CUSTOMER BY THE FOLLOWING SIGNATORIES HAS BEEN TAKEN.THE UNDERSIGNED <br /> HAS READ,UNDERSTANDS AND HEREBY AGREES TO ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH IN THIS AGREEMENT. <br /> ACCEPTED UTHORIZED CUSTOMER SIGNATURE <br /> CANON FINANCIAL SERVICES,INC. By:X WTitle: CITY M14 NAGSe <br /> By: Printed Name: Doo G U 1 L L/ 'O k E Email Address: <br /> Title: Tax ID#: If proprietor,DOB: Date: 1,2. 13- 13_ <br /> Date: By:X Title: <br /> Printed Name: Email Address: <br /> To:Canon Financial Services,Inc.('CFS') ACCEPTANCE CERTIFICATE <br /> Customer certifies that(a)the Equipment referred to in this Agreement has been received,(b)installation has been completed,(c)the Equipment has been examined by Customer and is in good operating order and condition and is, <br /> in all respects,satisfactory to Customer,and(d)the Equipment is irrevocably accepted by Customer for all purposes under this Agreement Accordingly,Customer hereby authorizes billing under this Agreement <br /> Signature: Printed Name: Title(if any): Date: <br /> TERMS AND CONDITIONS <br /> 1.AGREEMENT:CFS leases to Customer,a organized under the laws of the State of ,with its chief executive office at <br /> and Customer leases from CFS,with its place of business at 158 Gaither Drive,Suite 200,Mount Laurel,New Jersey 08054,all the equipment described above,together with all replacement parts and substitutions for and additions <br /> to such equipment("Equipment"),upon the terms and conditions set forth in this Lease Agreement("Agreement"). <br /> 2.TERM OF AGREEMENT:This Agreement shall be effective on the date the Equipment is delivered to Customer,provided Customer executes CFS'form of acceptance("Acceptance Certificate')or otherwise accepts the <br /> Equipment as specified herein.The term of this Agreement begins on the date accepted by CFS or any later date that CFS designates,and shall consist of the payment periods specified above and any renewal periods.After acceptance of the <br /> Equipment,Customer shall have no right to revoke such acceptance or cancel this Agreement during the term hereof.The term of this Agreement shall end,unless sooner terminated by CFS,when all amounts required to be paid by <br /> Customer under this Agreement have been paid as provided and either(a)Customer has purchased the Equipment in accordance with the terms hereof or(b)the Equipment has been retumed at the end of the scheduled term or <br /> renewal term in accordance with the terms hereof.Customer has no right to return the Equipment to CFS prior to the end of the scheduled term of this Agreement for any reason whatsoever,including,without limitation,payment of all <br /> amounts due hereunder prior to the end of the scheduled term. <br /> 3.PAYMENTS:Customer agrees to pay to CFS,as invoiced,during the term of this Agreement,(a)the payments specified under"Number and Amount of Payments"above,and(b)such other amounts permitted hereunder as <br /> invoiced by CFS(Payments").The Payment and the End of Term Purchase Option("Purchase Option')price specified above are based on the supplier's best estimate of the cost of the Equipment Customer authorizes CFS to adjust <br /> the Payment and Purchase Option herein by up to fifteen percent(15%)if the actual total cost of the Equipment,including any sales or use tax,is more or less than originally estimated.Customer's obligation to pay all amounts due <br /> under this Agreement and all other obligations hereunder shall be absolute and unconditional and is not subject to any abatement,set-off,defense or counterclaim for any reason whatsoever. <br /> 4.APPLICATION OF PAYMENTS:All Payments received by CFS from Customer under this Agreement will be applied to amounts due and payable hereunder chronologically,based on the date of the charge as shown on the <br /> invoice for each such amount,and among amounts having the same date in such order as CFS,in its discretion,may determine. <br /> 5.ADVANCE PAYMENTS:Customer agrees that CFS may in its sole discretion apply,but shall not be obligated to apply,any amount paid in advance to any amount due or to become due hereunder,and in no event shall any <br /> amount paid in advance eam interest except where required by applicable law. <br /> 6.NO CFS WARRANTIES:CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT CFS IS NOT A MANUFACTURER,DEALER,OR SUPPLIER OF THE EQUIPMENT.CUSTOMER AGREES THAT THE EQUIPMENT IS LEASED"AS IS"AND IS <br /> OF A SIZE,DESIGN,AND CAPACITY SELECTED BY CUSTOMER.CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT CFS HAS MADE NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO THE SUITABILITY OR DURABILITY OF <br /> THE EQUIPMENT,THE ABSENCE OF ANY CLAIM OF INFRINGEMENT OR THE LIKE,OR ANY OTHER REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY,EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,WITH RESPECT TO THE EQUIPMENT INCLUDING, <br /> WITHOUT LIMITATION,THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.Any warranty with respect to the Equipment made by the manufacturer,dealer,or supplier is separate <br /> from,and is not a part of,this Agreement and shall be for the benefit of CFS,Customer and CFS'successors and assignees,if any.So long as Customer is not in breach or default of this Agreement,CFS assigns to Customer any <br /> warranties(including those agreed to between Customer and the manufacturer,dealer,or supplier)which CFS may have with respect to any item of Equipment;provided that the scope and limitations of any such warranty shall be <br /> solely as set out in any agreement between Customer and such manufacturer,dealer,or supplier or as otherwise specified in warranty materials from such manufacturer,dealer,or supplier and shall not include any implied warranties <br /> arising solely from CFS'acquisition of the Equipment CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT NEITHER THE SUPPLIER NOR ANY DEALER IS AUTHORIZED TO WAIVE OR ALTER ANY TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT OR ANY <br /> SCHEDULE,OR TO MAKE ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO THIS AGREEMENT OR THE EQUIPMENT ON BEHALF OF CFS. <br /> 7.ACCEPTANCE;DELIVERY:Customer's execution of the Acceptance Certificate,or other confirmation of Customer's acceptance of the Equipment,shall conclusively establish that the Equipment has been delivered to and <br /> accepted by Customer for all purposes of this Agreement and Customer may not,for any reason,revoke that acceptance;however,if Customer has not,within ten(10)days after delivery of such Equipment,delivered to CFS written <br /> PERSONAL GUARANTY <br /> The undersigned,(whether one or more are specified,"Guarantor(s)'),in consideration of CANON FINANCIAL SERVICES INC.("CFS')entering into an Agreement(together with any schedules or supplements thereto,'Agreement')with Customer <br /> identified above("Customer')irrevocably and unconditionally,jointly and severally,guarantee to CFS,and its successors and assigns,the payment when due of all amounts owed under the Agreement(whether at maturity or upon the occurrence of an <br /> event of default or otherwise)and the performance by Customer of all terms of the Agreement and any other transaction between Customer and CFS(collectively,'Liabilities").If Customer shall fail to pay or perform any Liabilities when due, <br /> Guarantors shall,upon demand,pay any amounts which may be due from Customer and take any action required of Customer under the Agreement.This is an absolute and continuing guaranty,and Guarantors'liability under this Guaranty is primary <br /> and will not be affected by any settlement,extension,renewal or modification of the Agreement or any discharge or release of Customer's obligations whether by agreement or operation of law. <br /> If any payment on the Liabilities is thereafter set aside,recovered or required to be returned for any reason(including without limitation the bankruptcy,insolvency or reorganization of Customer or any other person),the Liabilities to which such <br /> payment was applied shall for the purposes of this Guaranty be deemed to have continued in existence,notwithstanding such application,and this Guaranty shall be enforceable as to such Liabilities as fully as if such application had never been made. <br /> This Guaranty may be terminated only upon sixty(60)days'prior written notice to CFS,and such termination shall be effective only as to Liabilities arising under schedules,supplements,or agreements entered into after the effective date of <br /> termination and shall not affect CFS'rights under this Guaranty arising out of the Agreement or other agreements entered into prior to such date. <br /> Guarantors waive all damages,demands,presentments and notices of every kind and nature,any rights of set-off,and any defenses available to a guarantor(other than the defense of payment and performance in full)under applicable law. <br /> Guarantors further waive any(i)notice of the incurring of indebtedness by Customer and the acceptance of this Guaranty,(ii)right to require suit against Customer or any other party before enforcing this Guaranty and(iii)right of subrogation to CFS' <br /> rights against Customer until the Liabilities are satisfied in full.Any(a)renewals and extensions of time of payment,(b)release,substitution or compromise of or realization upon the Equipment,other guaranties or any collateral security and(c) <br /> exercise of any other right under this or any other agreement between CFS and Customer or any third party,may be made,granted and effected by CFS without notice to Guarantors and without in any manner affecting Guarantors'liability under this <br /> Guaranty. <br /> Guarantors shall pay all expenses(including attorneys'fees and legal expenses)paid or incurred by CFS in endeavoring to collect the Liabilities,or any part thereof and in enforcing the Guaranty.THIS GUARANTY SHALL FOR ALL PURPOSES BE <br /> DEEMED A CONTRACT ENTERED INTO IN THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY.THE RIGHTS OF THE PARTIES UNDER THIS GUARANTY SHALL BE GOVERNED BY THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY WITHOUT REFERENCE TO <br /> CONFLICT OF LAW PRINCIPLES.ANY ACTION BETWEEN GUARANTORS AND CFS SHALL BE BROUGHT IN ANY STATE OR FEDERAL COURT LOCATED IN THE COUNTY OF CAMDEN OR BURLINGTON,NEW JERSEY,OR AT CFS' <br /> SOLE OPTION,IN THE STATE WHERE ANY GUARANTOR,CUSTOMER OR EQUIPMENT IS LOCATED.GUARANTORS,BY THEIR EXECUTION AND DELIVERY HEREOF,IRREVOCABLY WAIVE OBJECTIONS TO THE JURISDICTION OF <br /> SUCH COURTS AND OBJECTIONS TO VENUE AND CONVENIENCE OF FORUM.GUARANTORS,BY THEIR EXECUTION AND DELIVERY HEREOF,AND CFS,BY ITS ACCEPTANCE HEREOF,HEREBY IRREVOCABLY WAIVES ANY RIGHT <br /> TO A JURY TRIAL IN ANY SUCH PROCEEDINGS. <br /> Guarantors agree that CFS may accept a facsimile or other electronic transmission of this Guaranty as an original,and that facsimile or electronically transmitted copies of Guarantors'signatures will be treated as an original for all purposes. <br /> Printed Name: NA Signature: NA (no title) Date: <br /> Address: Phone: <br /> CFS-1020(03/18) Page 1 of 2 SEE NEXT PAGE FOR ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS <br />