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MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING <br /> This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is between the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority <br /> (CJPIA) and the City of Rancho Palos Verdes (MEMBER) for purposes of authorizing work related to <br /> CJPIA's ADA Assistance Program, which includes conducting self-evaluations and inspections, <br /> developing transition plans, and evaluating programs and services. <br /> Disability Access Consultants (DAC)will provide consultant services for MEMBER for an Americans with <br /> Disabilities Act Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan in conformance with DAC's proposal to MEMBER <br /> dated January 21, 2019(the"Work"), attached hereto as Exhibit"A"and incorporated herein by reference. <br /> The Work shall be performed in accordance with all terms, covenants, standards and conditions set forth <br /> in that certain agreement between the CJPIA and DAC, entered into on March 14, 2017 relating to ADA <br /> Compliance ("Agreement"), including the addendum to the Agreement dated May 14, 2018 <br /> ("Addendum"), of which MEMBER is a third-party beneficiary. The Agreement and Addendum are <br /> attached hereto as and incorporated herein by reference as if fully set forth herein as Exhibits "B" and <br /> "C", respectively. <br /> This Work will be billed directly to CJPIA.The amounts invoiced will reflect the amount of work completed. <br /> CJPIA will then invoice MEMBER, less the amount of CJPIA ADA Assistance Program funding. MEMBER <br /> agrees to pay the invoiced amount within 30 days of billing by CJPIA. Invoice queries can be forwarded <br /> to Abraham Han, Administrative Analyst, (562) 467-8778. <br /> 1. Total cost for all work to be performed by DAC, ($166,950) <br /> as per attached DAC written proposal <br /> 2. Total program funding provided by CJPIA to be $23,500 <br /> paid directly to DAC on behalf of MEMBER <br /> 3. Total amount owed by MEMBER to CJPIA ($143,450) <br /> Should additional inspection items be added to the scope of work, DAC will provide an addendum to the <br /> proposal. MEMBER acknowledges and agrees to be responsible for any additional costs incurred from <br /> the addition of these items to the scope of work (e.g., buildings, facilities, bus stops, sidewalk mileage, <br /> etc.). A revised MOU must be executed by the MEMBER and CJPIA, before proceeding with additional <br /> work. <br /> [SIGNATURES ON THE NEXT PAGE] <br /> CA1..1@'ORNIA ] OINK POWIRS INSURANCE. AUItIOKITY <br />