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contract amount of Eighteen Thousand One Hundred Twenty Dollars ($18,120) ("Contract <br /> Sum"). <br /> 2.2 Invoices. Each month Consultant shall furnish to City an original invoice <br /> for all work performed and expenses incurred during the preceding month in a form approved by <br /> City's Director of Finance. By submitting an invoice for payment under this Agreement, <br /> Consultant is certifying compliance with all provisions of the Agreement. The invoice shall <br /> detail charges for all necessary and actual expenses by the following categories: labor (by sub- <br /> category), travel, materials, equipment, supplies, and sub-contractor contracts. Sub-contractor <br /> charges shall also be detailed by such categories. Consultant shall not invoice City for any <br /> duplicate services performed by more than one person. <br /> City shall independently review each invoice submitted by the Consultant to determine <br /> whether the work performed and expenses incurred are in compliance with the provisions of this <br /> Agreement. Except as to any charges for work performed or expenses incurred by Consultant <br /> which are disputed by City, City will use its best efforts to cause Consultant to be paid within <br /> forty five (45) days of receipt of Consultant's correct and undisputed invoice; however, <br /> Consultant acknowledges and agrees that due to City warrant run procedures, the City cannot <br /> guarantee that payment will occur within this time period. In the event any charges or expenses <br /> are disputed by City, the original invoice shall be returned by City to Consultant for correction <br /> and resubmission. Review and payment by the City of any invoice provided by the Consultant <br /> shall not constitute a waiver of any rights or remedies provided herein or any applicable law. <br /> 2.3 Additional Services. City shall have the right at any time during the <br /> performance of the services, without invalidating this Agreement, to order extra work beyond <br /> that specified in the Scope of Services or make changes by altering, adding to or deducting from <br /> said work. No such extra work may be undertaken unless a written order is first given by the <br /> Contract Officer to the Consultant, incorporating therein any adjustment in (i) the Contract Sum <br /> for the actual cost of the extra work, and/or (ii) the time to perform this Agreement, which said <br /> adjustments are subject to the written approval of the Consultant. Any increase in compensation <br /> of up to ten percent(10%) of the Contract Sum but not exceeding a total contract amount of Five <br /> Thousand Dollars ($5,000) or in the time to perform of up to ninety (90) days may be approved <br /> by the Contract Officer. Any greater increases, taken either separately or cumulatively, must be <br /> approved by the City Council. No claim for an increase in the Contract Sum or time for <br /> performance shall be valid unless the procedures established in this Section are followed. <br /> 3. PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE <br /> 3.1 Time of Essence. Time is of the essence in the performance of this <br /> Agreement. <br /> 3.2 Schedule of Performance. Consultant shall commence the services <br /> pursuant to this Agreement upon receipt of a written notice to proceed and shall perform all <br /> services within the time period(s) established in the "Schedule of Performance" attached hereto <br /> as Exhibit "D" and incorporated herein by this reference. When requested by the Consultant, <br /> extensions to the time period(s) specified in the Schedule of Performance may be approved in <br /> writing by the Contract Officer but not exceeding thirty(30) days cumulatively. <br /> 2 <br /> 01135.0006/5258762 <br />