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"CHAPTER 15.34" <br /> WATER EFFICIENT LANDSCAPING <br /> SECTION: <br /> 15.34.010 Purpose <br /> 15.34.020 Definitions <br /> 15.34.030 Applicability <br /> 15.34.040 Administration, Enforcement and Landscape Regulations <br /> 15.34.050 Compliance Requirements <br /> 15.34.060 Water Budget Calculations <br /> 15.34.070 Exceptions <br /> 15.30.080 Submittals <br /> 15.34.090 Landscape Water Conservation Design Standards <br /> 15.34.100 Administration and Appeal Process <br /> 15.34.110 Penalties <br /> 15.34.120 Annual Reporting <br /> 15.34.010 Purpose. <br /> It is the policy of the City of Rancho Palos Verdes (City) to promote water conservation. <br /> The landscape water conservation standards detailed in this chapter are intended to promote <br /> water conservation, while allowing the maximum possible flexibility in designing healthy, <br /> attractive, and cost-effective water efficient landscapes. <br /> 15.34.020 Definitions. <br /> "Applicant" means the person or entity submitting a Landscape Documentation Package. <br /> An Applicant may include the property owner and/or an agent of the owner. <br /> "Applied Water" means the portion of water supplied by an irrigation system to a <br /> landscape. <br /> "Certificate of Completion" means the final document submitted to the City which contains <br /> irrigation scheduling parameters, a landscape and irrigation maintenance schedule, an irrigation <br /> audit report, and a soil analysis report, which has been certified by either the signer of the <br /> landscape design plan, the signer of the irrigation design plan or the licensed landscape <br /> contractor that the landscape project has been installed per the approved Landscape <br /> Documentation Package. <br /> "Director" means the Director of Community Development. <br /> "Estimated Total Water Use" means the estimated total water use in gallons per year for <br /> a Landscape Area, calculated by summing the estimated water use for each Hydrozone as <br /> described in the Water Budget Calculations. <br /> 01203.0006/522534.1 <br /> Ordinance No.614 <br /> Page 2 of 12 <br />