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CITY COUNCIL <br />Mayor Jacki Bacharach <br />Mayor Pro Tern John C. MoTaggart <br />Councilmember Douglas M. Hinchliffe <br />Councilmember Melvin W. Hughes <br />Councilmember Robert E. Ryan <br />PARKS MASTER PLAN REVIEW COMMITTEE <br />Eric Randall, Chairman <br />Karla M. Boyle <br />Melinda H. Downing <br />Janette Engelman <br />Lee S. Gintz <br />Elliot J. Hahn <br />Caren R. Libit <br />John F. Loggins <br />Florence R. Marshall <br />Walter W. Marshall <br />Donna S. Perrin <br />David Farrell Roche <br />James C. Sarver <br />Shan K. Thever <br />Thomas A. Weber <br />PROJECT STAFF <br />Mary A. Thomas, Director of Recreation and Parks <br />Elizabeth Putrino, Recreation Supervisor <br />Karen Sharafi, Secretary <br />Dana Brown, Lindy Rocker, Barbara Dye, Photography <br />Ronnie Zaremba, Survey Consultant <br />Special thanks to Dr. Marilyn Jensen, Chairman, <br />Recreation and Leisure Studies Department, <br />California State University Long Beach, for her <br />guidance and the participation of her masters class <br />in the Citizen Survey preparation and analysis. <br />