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Preview <br />Page 2 of 2 <br />College/University may claim now since 1.) it simply extends the decision to a <br />previously approved Compliance Review date - May 7, 2013, and 2.) the <br />"College" has been in a non-compliance status (Condition 60a) since <br />September 30, 2012 and which is now 33 months and counting since they <br />received approval for their self -designed athletic field which can be constructed <br />at any time without any further EIR hearings, with or without tennis courts. 3.) In <br />the meantime, the College has failed to demonstrate any sense of "Urgency" <br />regarding the new field, taking 171 days to produce a rejected "Application" <br />and nearly two months more to file another. <br /> 4/16/2013 <br />