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Parking Access/Permission for Palos Verdes Marathon,Saturday May 14,2011 <br />THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND DONATION OF PARKING SPACES FOR THE 45 TH <br />ANNUAL PALOS VERDES MARATHON <br />So that this event proceeds smoothly please fill in the information below: <br />1 <br />By signing and dating below,you approve the use of public parking spaces at (location name and <br />address of parking site) <br />Number of spaces /f {j 0 <br />Access (gates opened)NO LATER than 6am on Saturday May 14,2011 <br />Person Responsible for Access,email and cell phone number contact information <br />Name:('lA.4\c l e.s £lJc,J 'PrOk\",",Cv~ <br />Email:('IE L r£r e..&,~(jVt h "D «CI!?.d'\Y <br />CellPhone31D 'K7J..YTtp3 <br />Who will be onsite the da of the event? <br />Person Authorizing use/access and number of spaces: <br />Name~~--=-,Title,lu;S fw-)-~a.\f'1 (1."~'--/ <br />Cell/Office Phone Numbers:.?JZ?£_~1 t>~f Y I (~~J <br />3/D ~7.L y'[~:3 ~fiee)?- <br />Thank you again for helping make this event a success.The Rolling Hills Estates <br />Kiwanis Foundation supports Palos Verdes Peninsula community organizations,school <br />athletic programs and college scholarships for local high school seniors with the proceeds <br />of the Palos Verdes Marathon.Your kind assistance is very much appreciated. <br />r7Y"ltTA""TTC"rtT Tl'T')Ar nA'1 J Thrl''"TTl T C"l T"'"'C'I..,.."rrrC"'.n~n __.f'\ocr.,n_'~~'tT_..J __n_.•~.•_..l ..,.-.,\""""'...,,,3