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RANCHO PALOS VERDES CITY COUNCIL MEETING DATE: 06/05/2018 <br />AGENDA REPORT AGENDA HEADING: Consent Calendar <br /> <br />AGENDA DESCRIPTION: <br /> <br />Consideration and possible action to review the current status of Border Issues <br /> <br />RECOMMENDED COUNCIL ACTION: <br /> <br />(1) Receive and file the first biannual report on the status of Border Issues for 2018. <br /> <br />FISCAL IMPACT: None <br /> <br />Amount Budgeted: N/A <br />Additional Appropriation: N/A <br />Account Number(s): N/A <br /> <br />ORIGINATED BY: Kit Fox, AICP, Senior Administrative Analyst <br />REVIEWED BY: Gabriella Yap, Deputy City Manager <br />APPROVED BY: Doug Willmore, City Manager <br /> <br /> <br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: <br /> <br />This biannual report includes: <br /> <br />• An update on the CalWater pipeline project in Rolling Hills Estates, the <br />unincorporated Westfield community and Rancho Palos Verdes; <br /> <br />• An update on the City of Los Angeles’ proposed regulation of commercial <br />marijuana businesses along the Western Avenue corridor; and, <br /> <br />• An update on the proposed 248-unit Butcher Solana apartment project at <br />Hawthorne Boulevard and Via Valmonte in Torrance. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND AND DISCUSSION: <br /> <br />The following is the first biannual report to the City Council on various “Border Issues” <br />potentially affecting the residents of Rancho Palos Verdes for 2018. The complete text <br />of the current status report is available for review on the City’s website at: <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Please note that, with the approval of changes to City Council Policy No. 34, the next <br />Border Issues Status Report is expected to appear on the City Council agenda of <br />December 4, 2018. <br />1