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COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES <br /> AGREEMENT TO IMPLEMENT A COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT <br /> BLOCK GRANT (CDBG)PROJECT WITH A PARTICIPATING CITY <br /> AMENDMENT NUMBER 4 <br /> Operating Agency: City of Rancho Palos Verdes <br /> Contract Number: 109952 <br /> Project Title: ADA Access Improvements—Crosswalks in Area 1 <br /> Project Number: 601877-17 <br /> This amendment to the Agreement to Implement is entered into this 30th day of May 2019, by <br /> the County of Los Angeles, hereinafter called the"County" and the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, <br /> hereinafter called "Operating Agency". <br /> The Operating Agency is hereby authorized to implement this amendment to the CDBG Project <br /> identified above upon execution of this Agreement by the Operating Agency's authorized <br /> signatory. Said implementation shall be in full accordance with the requirements, conditions, <br /> and assurances defined in the Contract Number 109952, between the Operating Agency and the <br /> County of Los Angeles. In addition,the Operating Agency agrees to comply with the following: <br /> 1. TIME OF PERFORMANCE is amended to reflect a completion date of: 6/30/2020. <br /> An amended Exhibit A, Project Description and Activity Budget, is attached hereto and <br /> incorporated herein, and substituted in its entirety for the previously attached Exhibit A. All <br /> other terms and conditions of said Agreement shall remain the same. <br /> Revised 5/17 <br />