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In April 2015, Staff began to receive reports from residents in the Ladera Linda and <br />Seaview neighborhoods about truckloads of dirt being dumped on PVPUSD's Ladera <br />Linda Fields (sometimes also known the Portuguese Bend Fields). At that time, <br />residents were advised that, as provided under Government Code Section 53094(b) <br />(Attachment A), PVPUSD was exempt from the City's land use and zoning regulations. <br />There was a great deal of speculation amongst residents as to the reason for dumping <br />the dirt, its origin and whether or not it had been tested for contamination. <br />In October 2015, Staff was again contacted by Ladera Linda and Seaview residents <br />about the dumped soil. At that time, Staff was able to confirm with PVPUSD that they <br />had authorized AYSO Region 10 (AYSO) to stockpile dirt on the property. The reason <br />given for the stockpiling was that the dirt was needed for the periodic regrading of the <br />soccer fields. AYSO claimed that the dirt came from a site in the City of Torrance, <br />purportedly from residential lots on Sharynne Lane. However, the City of Torrance was <br />not able to confirm this.' On October 28, 2015, PVPUSD notified Staff that the soil <br />would be tested and results made public.2 Staff is not aware of whether or not PVPUSD <br />issued any permit to AYSO or made an environmental determination regarding the <br />placement of soil on the property pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act <br />(CEQA). <br />Initially, PVPUSD stated that it expected to post the results of the soil testing by Alta <br />Environmental (Alta) on its website by November 18, 2015. On that date, however, <br />PVPUSD advised the City and interested parties that the testing was not yet complete. <br />On November 20, 2015, PVPUSD announced that the matter was being turned over to <br />PVPUSD's legal counsel. In early December 2015, PVPUSD apparently met with <br />representatives of the Ladera Linda and Seaview neighborhoods to discuss the matter. <br />On January 5, 2016, PVPUSD and AYSO notified Staff and interested parties that a <br />report prepared by Leymaster Environmental Consulting, LLC (Leymaster), concluded <br />that the soil dumped on the Ladera Linda Fields was "clean and safe." The report and a <br />joint statement from PVPUSD and AYSO was posted on PVPUSD's website. <br />On April 27, 2016, Staff was advised by the Lomita Sheriff's Station that soil samples <br />were being collected at the Ladera Linda Fields under the authority of a search warrant. <br />Based upon reports in the local media (Attachment B), Staff learned that the <br />investigation was being led by DTSC and that the AQMD had issued a "Notice to <br />Comply" (NC) to PVPUSD. In response to the NC, PVPUSD secured, posted and <br />covered the area where AYSO placed the soil at the Ladera Linda Fields. <br />' There had also been rumors that the soil came from the residential lots at Trump National Golf <br />Course, but the Trump Organization confirmed that this was not the case. <br />2 In a related matter, Staff received complaints on October 31, 2015, that AYSO had erected a <br />large sign on the property near the intersection of Forrestal and Intrepid drives. Staff noted that the sign <br />appeared to be located within the public right-of-way of Forrestal Drive. Following a site visit with Staff on <br />November 5, 2015, PVPUSD initially agreed that the sign would be moved back out of the public right-of- <br />way, but eventually PVPUSD directed AYSO to remove the sign completely on November 13, 2015. <br />2 <br />