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6. Publicity. Following execution of this Agreement, the parties hereto may issue a press release, the form and <br />substance of which shall be mutually agreeable to the parties, announcing the relationship created by this <br />Agreement <br />7, No n5 ,4 4, • t Through exercise of each party's rights under this Agreement, each party <br />may be exposed to the other party's information and data. In recognition of the other party's need to protect its <br />legitimate business interests, each party hereby covenants and agrees that it shall regard and treat each item of <br />information or data constituting a trade secret or Confidential Information of the other party as strictly <br />confidential. <br />8. U <br />litansh. <br />(a) OTHER THAN THOSE WARRANTIES EXPRESSLY SET FORTH IN THIS AGREEMENT, AUTOMASHION <br />DOES NOT MAKE ANY WARRANTIES TO CUSTOMER OR ANY OTHER PERSON OR ENTITY, EITHER EXPRESS <br />OR IMPLIED INCLUDING FO CONSEQUENTIAL OR INDIRECT DAMAGES, LOSS IF USE IR BUSINESS <br />STOPPAGE. <br />(d) Under no circumstances shall AUTOMASHIONS, or its authorized representative's total liability to Customer <br />or any other person, regardless of the nature of the claim or form of action exceed the aggregate amount of <br />licensing. fees received by A UTOMASHIO N, or its authorized representative hereunder for the prior twelve (12) <br />month peri o d, <br />9, Lem <br />(a) This Agreement shall commence as of the date hereof and remain in effect for twelve. (12) months unless <br />terminated by either party as set forth herein ("initial Term"). <br />(h) This Agreement may be automatically renewed for additional terms ("Renewal Term") equal in duration to <br />the lnitiai Term provided Customer notifies AUTOMASHION, or its authorized representative at least thirty (30) <br />days, and/or submits payment for the renewal term prior to the end of the initial Term or a Renewal Term. <br />(c) AU IOMASHION reserves the right to terminate this Agreement immediately if the Services provided <br />hereunder become illegal or contrary to any applicable law, rule, regulation or public policy. Each party shall have <br />the right to terminate this Agreement upon ,sixty (60) days prior written notice to the other party. <br />10, <br />(a) Initial Term See nibibit A (Order Form). <br />(h) Renewal Term(s), For each Renewal Term, AUTOMASHION and its authorized representatives will continue to <br />provide Customer with the services maintenance and support as described herein. If there is an increase in annual <br />charges, AUTOMASH ION or its authorized representative shall give Customer written notice of such increase at <br />least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the applicable term, <br />11. AUTOMASHION or its authorized representative shall not be liable for any damages, costs, <br />expenses or other consequences incurred by Customer or by any other person or entity as a result of delay in or <br />inability to deliver any Services due to circumstances or events beyond AUTOMASHI ON's reasonable control. <br />AUTOMASHION Proprietary and Confidential Page 2 af 5 <br />