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State of California Natural Resources Agency <br /> Proposition 40-California Clean Water,Clean Air,Safe Neighborhood,Parks and Coastal Protection Act of 2002 <br /> AMENDMENT#1 TO GRANT AGREEMENT MP1411-0 <br /> GRANTEE NAME: City of Rancho Palos Verdes <br /> PROJECT TITLE: Point Vicente Interpretive Center Lighthouse Lens and Hunting the Whale Exhibits <br /> This amendment is hereby made and agreed upon by the State of California,acting through the Natural Resources Agency <br /> and by the City of Rancho Palos Verdes pursuant to the above identified program. The State and Grantee,in mutual <br /> consideration of the promises made herein and in the agreement,of which this is an amendment,agree to the following: <br /> Amend the Project Cost Estimate per the attached Exhibit A-1 and <br /> Extend the Project Performance Period end date to June 30,2019 <br /> In all other respects;the agreement and the terms and conditions if relevant thereto,shall remain in full force and effect. In <br /> witness whereof,the-parties hereto have executed this amendment as of the date entered below. <br /> CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br /> NATURAL RESOURCES AGENCY <br /> • <br /> By P <br /> � By <br /> Doug Willmore Julie Alvis <br /> Title City Manager Title Deputy Assistant Secretary <br /> Date Zl(C r ! Date 3/4 / <br /> CERTIFICATION OF FUNDING <br /> AMOUNT OF ESTIMATE AGREEMENT NUMBER FUND <br /> FUNDING <br /> 6029-Proposition 40-California Clean <br /> $144,320.00 MP1411-0 Water,Clean Air,Safe Neighborhood,Parks <br /> and Coastal Protection Act of 2002 <br /> ADJ.INCREASING FISCAL PO Number <br /> ENCUMBRANCE <br /> $ 0000000303 <br /> ADJ.DECREASING FUNCTION <br /> ENCUMBRANCE <br /> $ Local Assistance <br /> ENACTMENT ACCOUNT <br /> UNENCUMBERED BALANCE REF NUMBER FUND YEAR NUMBER ALT ACCOUNT <br /> $ 101 602900010 2014 5432000 00000000 <br /> RPTG AGENCY BUDGET <br /> PROGRAM PCBU PROJECT ACTIVITY STRUCTURE SVC LOC USE PERIOD <br /> 9990000 0540 0540MP14040 39200 05400001 39200 B5742 2017 <br /> I hereby certify upon ' y pe •nal knowledge that budgeted funds are available for this encumb ce <br /> SIGNATUR OF ACCOUNTING OFFIC r E <br />