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AMENDMENT NO. 1 <br /> TO AGREEMENT FOR CONTRACTUAL SERVICES <br /> THIS AMENDMENT TO THE AGREEMENT FOR CONTRACTUAL SERVICES <br /> ("Amendment")by and between the CITY OF RANCHO PALOS VERDES("City")and Richard <br /> Fisher Associates(Consultant),a California corporation("Contractor")is effective as of the 19th <br /> day of September, 2017. <br /> RECITALS <br /> A. City and Contractor entered into that certain Agreement for Contractual Services <br /> dated June 6,2016("Agreement")whereby Contractor agreed to provide Ladera Linda Community <br /> Park Master Plan design and implementation services(the"Services"). <br /> B. On February 28, 2017, City issued Change Order No. 1 for additional services, <br /> pursuant to Section 1.8 of the Agreement,in the amount of$8,225,bringing the total Contract Sum <br /> to $111,925. <br /> C. City and Contractor now desire to amend the Agreement to expand the Scope of <br /> Work to perform a portion of the Design Development Services to provide additional answers and <br /> understanding of the Master Plan document which was discussed at the August 1,2017 City Council <br /> meeting(the"Extra Services")and to increase the Contract Sum by$69,975 for a total of$181,900. <br /> TERMS <br /> 1. Contract Changes. The Agreement is amended as provided herein. <br /> a. Section 2.1, Contract Sum, is amended to read as follows: <br /> "Subject to any limitations set forth in this Agreement,City agrees to pay Consultant <br /> the amounts specified in the"Schedule of Compensation"attached hereto as Exhibit"C"and <br /> incorporated herein by this reference.The total compensation,including reimbursement for <br /> actual expenses, shall not exceed One Hundred Three Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars <br /> ($103,700)One Hundred Eighty One Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars ($181,900) (the <br /> "Contract Sum"), unless additional compensation is approved pursuant to Section 1.8." <br /> b. Exhibit"A-1",Scope of Services,Amendment 1,attached hereto is added to <br /> Exhibit"A"of the Agreement. <br /> c. Exhibit"C-1",Schedule of Compensation,Amendment 1,attached hereto is <br /> added to Exhibit"C" of the Agreement. <br /> d. Exhibit"D-1". Schedule of Performance, Amendment 1, attached hereto is <br /> added to Exhibit"D"of the Agreement. <br /> 2. Continuing Effect of Agreement. Except as amended by this Agreement, all <br /> nrnvicinnc nfthe Aureement shall remain nnchansred and in fill farce and effect From and after the <br />