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Memorandum of Understanding <br /> Between <br /> City of Rancho Palos Verdes(RPV) <br /> and <br /> South Coast Chapter California Native Plant Society(SCCNPS) <br /> This Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) sets for the terms and understanding between the <br /> South Coast Chapter California Native Plant Society(SCCNPS) and the City of Rancho Palos <br /> Verdes(RPV)to manage and oversee the maintenance of the Native Plant Garden (NPG) located <br /> at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center(PVIC). <br /> Background <br /> In 2009 the SCCNPS entered into an agreement with the City of RPV to manage and maintain <br /> the upkeep of the NPG located at PVIC. The SCCNPS holds work parties and volunteer work <br /> days during the year to help monitor and maintain the NPG maintenance needs and replace dead, <br /> diseased or dying plants,trees and vegetation. <br /> The SCCNPS and City of RPV strive to provide residents and visitors of the NPG the <br /> opportunity to experience native plants as a key component of the City of RPV's biodiversity <br /> conservation efforts and a function vital to a healthy,productive, and beautiful environment. <br /> Purpose <br /> The purpose of this MOU is to outline the roles and responsibilities for the maintenance and <br /> upkeep of the NPG and City of RPV. <br /> Scope of Work <br /> The SCCNPS will identify, recommend, maintain and execute as appropriate,priority needs for <br /> the NPG. SCCNPS may coordinate and implement work groups and programs for addressing <br /> those needs. Any and all major projects or renovations must be proposed in writing to the City <br /> of RPV for approval before any work takes place. Examples of major projects are; large scale <br /> plantings, installing of irrigation, fixed structures, and/or displays and signage. The City of RPV <br /> reserves the right to reject proposals made by SCCNPS. <br /> The SCCNPS, if determined necessary,may sub-contract contractors,vendors,and third parties <br /> to conduct work on NPG grounds as they see fit. All sub-contractors,vendors, and third parties <br /> will be required to meet the City of RPV's insurance requirements per the MOU. <br /> Funding <br /> There are no financial terms to this MOU between SCCNPS and the City of RPV. All NPG <br /> grounds maintenance and work related to the upkeep of the NPG will solely be the responsibility <br />