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t c 1 <br /> 1. Contractor shall hire and manage all Event staff, shall contract with <br /> vendors and for services and supplies, and shall generally oversee the <br /> operation of the Event; <br /> 2. Contractor shall design (incorporating a patriotic theme and <br /> decorations) and layout the venue for the Event; <br /> 3. Contractor shall coordinate security, maintenance and transportation <br /> for the Event; <br /> 4. Contractor shall supervise the set-up for the Event, manage the Event, <br /> and oversee the tear down and cleanup activities. Advance setup for <br /> the Event, including all Contractor personnel, vehicles, and Event <br /> equipment will be limited to four (4) calendar days prior to the Event. <br /> All Contractor personnel, vehicles, and Event equipment, shall be <br /> removed from the Event site within three (3) calendar days after the <br /> Event. <br /> 5. Contractor shall book and schedule all entertainment, including <br /> patriotic music (at appropriate intervals), shall manage all promotional <br /> activities, and shall make recommendations to the City as the need <br /> arises; <br /> 6. Contractor shall operate and market the Event on behalf of City; <br /> 7. Contractor shall manage all Event finances and account to the City for <br /> all revenues and expenditures. This task will include receiving and <br /> recording all participation fees, paying all Event expenses, including, <br /> but not limited to, management, labor, supplies, rentals and services in <br /> connection with the Event, regardless of whether payment is required <br /> in advance or at the conclusion of the Event. Such financial <br /> management is to be handled in a systematic manner. In advance of <br /> the Event, beginning in May, Contractor shall provide monthly financial <br /> and progress reports to the City's Director of Recreation and Parks. <br /> The final report and invoice shall be due to the Director not later than <br /> August 31st of each year following the Event. <br /> 1703200v3 2 <br />