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• contracts and leases, to employ agents and employees, to acquire, develop, <br /> maintain, and operate the facilities for transportation service to serve <br /> citizens in the cities and the county that are parties to this Agreement, to <br /> hold or dispose of property, to incur debt, liabilities, or obligations and have <br /> the power to sue and to be sued in its own name. Such powers shall be <br /> exercised in the manner provided in the Act, and, except as expressly set forth <br /> herein, subject only to such restrictions upon the manner of exercising such <br /> powers as are imposed upon the affected cities and county in the exercise of <br /> similar powers. Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, the Authority <br /> shall have no .power to bond any of the cities or the county to any monetary <br /> obligation whatsoever other than those expressly authorized by the mutual <br /> consent of all the members. The Authority shall have no power of eminent • <br /> domain or condemnation. . <br /> SECTION 4. Organization <br /> A. Creation of Authority . <br /> There is hereby created a public entity separate and apart from the <br /> parties hereto to be known as the "Peninsula Transportation Authority" . Said <br /> Authority shall be a public entity separate and apart from the cities and the <br /> county which are parties to this Agreement. The debts, liabilities, or <br /> obligations of Authority do not constitute debts, liabilities or obligations of <br /> any party to this Agreement. The Authority cannot require the parties to <br /> contribute money or services to the Authority without the consent of the <br /> legislative body of each party so contributing. <br /> • <br /> B. Board of Directors <br /> The Authority shall be governed by. a Board of Directors composed of <br /> seven members, each serving in .his/her individual capacity as members of the <br /> governing board. Each individual member of the Board of Directors shall have <br /> one vote. Each member agency shall appoint regular members to the Board of <br /> Directors in the following manner: two (2) regular members each from the Cities <br /> of Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, and Rolling Hills Estates <br /> including one (1 ) member from each City Council and the City Manager of the <br /> respective member City; one (1 ) regular member from the County of Los Angeles <br /> appointed by the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County. Each member <br /> agency shall also appoint an alternate member who shall be entitled to vote at <br /> any Authority meeting in the absence of one of the regular members. Regular- <br /> . <br /> and alternate members appointed to the Board of Directors shall serve at the <br /> pleasure of their respective appointing bodies and until their respective <br /> successors are appointed and qualified. Each party to this Agreement shall <br /> notify the Authority in writing of its appointments or of any change of its <br /> representative. <br /> C. Meetings of the Board <br /> The Board of Directors shall provide' for its regular meetings; <br /> provided, however, it shall hold at least one (1 ) regular meeting during each <br /> quarter of each fiscal year. The date, hour and place of the holding of the <br /> regular meetings shall be fixed by resolutions of the Board of Directors, and a <br /> copy of such resolution shall be filed with each party hereto. Regular meetings <br /> maybe adjourned from time to time. Special meetings may be called by the <br /> Chairman or upon written request of any four members of the Board. Members <br /> shall be given at least forty-eight (48) hours written notice of special <br /> meetings. <br /> /1 f1 1 Mr <br /> D. Ralph M. Brown Act <br /> All meetings of the Board of Directors of the Authority, including <br /> without limitation, .regular, adjourned regular, and special meetings, shall be <br /> called, noticed, held, and conducted in accordance with the provisions of the <br /> Ralph M. Brown Act (commencing with Section 54950 of the Government Code) . <br /> JPA BETWEEN RPV, PVE, RHE, AND <br /> COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES CREATING <br /> PV PENINSULA TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY -2- <br /> • <br />